Thursday, May 31, 2007

"new star song," from beautiful rat sunset

when loved ones leave, the first thing i think about is their new weather. does it feel heavier where you are? how do you move through that air? tell me, because, you know, these lightning storms suck and i would like a distraction from myself.

a friend was once at a lecture given by a photographer who took these massive shots of the sky, can't remember his name. anyway, the photographer was talking about how he loved seeing the different sky in all these different places.

a kid raised his hand.


"but it's the same sky everywhere."


David said...

the chorus to this song was one of my go-tos in the period of optimistic depression that characterized my sophomore year of college (along with a number of Jay Farrar penned lines that history had judged less kindly), although I was in a very happy and healthy relationship, so the distance/coldness was pretty abstracted--in other words, the line "thought about things that I'd soon be forgetting", with its spot-on combination of anticipatory relief/thrill and the soul-emptying void that is represented by the final loss inherent in that relief (have you read William Trevor's short story "The Day We Got Drunk on Cake"? Go read it.)...that line registered with me in some way that had nothing to do with romantic love. Which is the probably the most boring thing that makes me a MGs fan: the universalizing quality of his fussy specificity.

In unrelated news, the adrenaline line is hilariously lazy, and was possibly copped by Michael Stipe nine years later.

mp said...

"Which is the probably the most boring thing that makes me a MGs fan: the universalizing quality of his fussy specificity."

damn, that's concise. though i think darnielle's weird because he makes his specificity really inaccessible. i mean, on songs like 'nine black poppies'--it's really specific, but it's also really mysterious. dunno. but yeah, i would be terrified and depressed if everyone thought about the MGs the way i do, even if it might be a little boring to know i'm huddled under a universal statement.