Friday, June 15, 2007

"anti music song," from ghana

funny, i forgot to post yesterday. because i was actually busy playing music, not just thinking about it. completely forgot about EK. and now, faced with my promise to myself, i can only manage to digest "anti music song," the most luddite track in darnielle's catalog. and it's true that i have a wildly deep emotional and cerebral resevoir available to spill on his writing and performances, but right now, i just want someone to hit me in the head with a rock: "i saw you on tv, doing an imitation of an imitation of jimi hendrix--that's really pathetic," ba ba ba, la la la. sometimes, shockingly, i can pass on an opportunity for deep reflection. for a second, i can understand why people find him impossible to listen to.


David said...

But I can roll with this song just for the pronunciation of Morrissey, which I didn't even realize was Morissey for a solid year of owning Ghana.

mp said...

mo-RISS-ey. yeah. i mean, for a long time i was thinking of a sub-standard sade impersonator.