Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"the alphonse mambo," from the coroner's gambit

q: mike, who are you?

a: i am a guy who works in an office. this is a new thing.

q: do you have a bad heat rash?

a: terrible heat rash.

q: "the alphonse mambo"?

a: when things are sweet and easy, i get obsessed with darnielle's songs about being fucked-up and down and out. when things feel crushing and difficult and transitional, i need the spirit-lifters.

q: is this really spirit-lifting?

a: no.

q: huh.

a: not a question, but that's okay. you know, it's like, i could be playing "the alphonse mambo" in my office, grooving out to the melodica, popping benadryl, or i could just get the hell out with some minor savings, one lonely ked, six yellow socks, and a bundle of nervous excitement. he does that. i couldn't care about the future not one salt lick.


dqtr said...

it's hard to respond to this blog, i feel like i need to say something terribly clever, based on the subject matter, but i really just want to say, i like mountain goats more than you do

mp said...

and you very well may!

citizenwray said...

once, i ran around my house singing this song to my cat. she followed, looking at me.
o! how i need that at the time o!