Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"resonant bell world," from beautiful rat sunset

(just so you know, my new job makes provides an 11-hour workday, so EK will likely become a nighttime affair.)

the last week or so has been an obsession with the 1974 czech film sweet movie, whose crucial line comes when a woman and man are frozen by a cramp in mid-sexthrust and have to have their muscles loosened by injection, to which an onlooker says "happens to dogs, too."

darnielle rarely touches on animism or animalism or even anthropomorphism, but we get them all here. "you put on your special coat and made your special lunge for my throat--and between you and me, it was really exciting."


and yeah, lately, i've actually been on the outs with darnielle--could you tell?--because people have seemed more and more like kites or dogs, and hanging out with the horses last weekend was better than any human drama i could possibly enmesh myself in right now. i soldier on.

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